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October 3, 2021

Hundreds attended the 11 AM Mass to honor the Feast Day of St. Mother Guerin and our three years as a combined parish, on Sunday, October 3. Bishop Kevin Birmingham, Vicar for our Vicariate IV, was the celebrant. Some special guests were some Sisters of Providence of St. Mary of the Woods, the order St. Mother Guerin founded. Cupcakes were served in the gym afterwards.

WORDS OF THANKS FROM FATHER PAUL – I would like to thank you for coming last Sunday to celebrate the Feast Day of St. Mother Theodore Guerin, our patron saint and to celebrate our third anniversary as a combined parish. I am grateful to Bishop Kevin Birmingham, our Episcopal Vicar, who was the main celebrant for the Mass and who also took time to talk to our parishioners before and after mass. I also want to thank Craig, Jeanne and the combined choirs who came back for the first time after the pandemic. I especially thank the Children’s Choir who sang at the end of Mass. I am sure St. Mother Theodore Guerin was happy to see the many children who sang and attended the Mass. It was good to see so many young families and children at Mass and please continue to bring your children to church to worship God on Sunday.

Thanks to Fr. Moises, Deacon Mike, and the altar servers who assisted at the Eucharist. It was good to see the altar servers coming back after more than a year. I also want to thank the staff and Bonnie who boxed the cupcakes for you to bring home, and who decorated for the reception. Thank you for your continued support to help our parish grow strong and vibrant. May St. Mother Theodore Guerin, our patron saint, intercede and pray for us and help us to trust in the providence of God in our lives.

In prayer,
Fr. Paul Cao
St. Mother Guerin Parish Pastor