The St. Mother Theodore Guerin Women’s Club is an energetic organization for women, ages 18 and older, that offers social, spiritual, and service opportunities. It is our mission to support each other as Catholic women and develop spiritually and socially through service to others. We plan to resume meeting in the Fall of 2021

Spiritual… Perhaps you are seeking ways to enrich your spiritual life and to share meaningful and enlightening experiences with other women. We will plan retreats, prayer opportunities, and other activities of interest to fulfill this need. Give yourself the gift of spiritual growth.

Service… Have you been looking for a way to “give back,” to help at church or in the larger community? We will have opportunities for you to reach out and help others that will align with your area of interest. Some activities may involve raising funds for the parish or sponsoring coat drives, rose sales, or other ways to help those in need. Give yourself the gift of giving hope and joy to others.

Social… Are you looking for a night out with some friends or ways of making some new ones? The Women’s Club will provide social events giving you opportunities to relax and enjoy the company of other women. A few fun ideas may include movie night, wine tasting, or luncheons and theatre. So go ahead, give yourself the gift of relaxation and laughter; you deserve it.

Membership dues are $20 a year.

Please contact the SMTG Pastoral Center at 708-453-2555 if you need more information.

Nancy Corpolongo Scholarship

An important “new” addition for the Women’s Club, is the development of the Nancy Corpolongo Scholarship. This monetary award is presented to an eighth grade young lady graduating from St. Celestine and continuing her education at a Catholic High School. This student is selected by the junior high teachers of St. Celestine School. The student should take her education and religion seriously, come from a family actively involved in our parish and the student should be committed to school, church and her community.

2019-2020 Officers

  • President  – Laura Tovar
  • Vice-President  – Bev Parylak
  • Secretary  – Darlene Hrankaj
  • Treasurer  – Taylor French
  • Publicity  – Mary Krewer
  • Hospitality  – Polly Grimes, Barbara Heatley, Lynn Loftus and Peggy Plaza
  • Sunshine Lady  – Jamie Birmingham

Valiant Women

We are those valiant women,
giving leadership in our homes;
contributing to our community,
working for change at all levels of society,
crying for justice and mercy,
living the Gospel,
 understanding theology,
practicing our faith,
 remaining true to the Word.

Adaptation of “Valiant Women” by Cathy O’Keefe,
graduate of Mercy High School, Baltimore, Maryland.