Confirmation is one of the three sacraments of initiation, along with Baptism and Holy Eucharist. In Confirmation, the fullness of the Holy Spirit is received, confirming what began in Baptism.

The Confirmation preparation program is two years; enrollment in 7th and 8th Grade in both the school and Religious Education program is required.

If you would like information regarding this sacrament, please contact Ruthanne Swiatkowski, Director of Religious Education at 708-453-2555 ext. 17 or

Confirmation Commitment Mass – May 15-16 and May 22-23

There will be a Confirmation Commitment Mass the weekends of May 15/16 and May 22/23. Due to the limited number of people who can be in the church, students/parents/sponsors will be asked to attend either the 5 PM Saturday Mass or 10:30 AM Mass one of these weekends.

The Confirmation students will publicly make their commitment to preparing for Confirmation for the parish faith community to witness. There will be a special blessing for all of the Confirmation candidates at each Mass.

The link to register is:

Register for Confirmation Commitment Mass

Sacrament of Confirmation 2021 – Information and Forms

Virtual Confirmation Meeting – March 25, 2021 (VIDEO)

Confirmation Calendar 2021 (PDF)

Choosing A Confirmation Name (PDF)

“You Confirmation Name” Form (PDF) – April 16

Confirmation Sponsor Information & Essay (PDF) – May 14

Confirmation Sponsor Certificate (PDF) – May 14

Confirmation Project Information (PDF) – July 16

Confirmation Service Information (PDF)

Works of Mercy Information (PDF)

Faith Share # 1 Form (PDF) – June 18

Service Reflection # 1 Form (PDF) – June 18

Faith Share # 2 Form (PDF) – July 16

Service Reflection # 2 Form (PDF) – July 16

Student / Parent Faith Share Form (PDF) – August 13

Service Reflection # 3 Form (PDF) – August 13