HOLY WEEK TAIZÉ PRAYER SERVICE – We journey with Christ on his way to our redemption. The reflections of seven who met Jesus on the road to death (beautifully written by St. Cyprian Pastor Emeritus, Fr. Gene) accompany prayerful Taizé chants. Join us for this Holy Week experience on Wednesday, March 27 at 7 PM at St. Cyprian.

Taizé Prayer Services are offered during special seasons – Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter – at St. Celestine or St. Cyprian Church.

We reflect on the words of the scriptures and psalms, using the beautiful chants of the Taizé Community. We allow our evening prayer to grow from the silence observed prior to the service, and use the flickering of candles to focus our minds on the love of our God expressed in Jesus, his beloved Son.

What is Taizé Prayer?

Taizé Prayer is an ecumenical service developed in 1940 by a religious community in the town of Taizé, France.  One of the group’s principal works is the fostering of unity among all Christian denominations, so please plan to come and invite your friends or neighbors of other faiths to join us.

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