Latest Message from Fr. Paul Cao – November 22, 2020

A SPIRIT OF THANKSGIVING – This Thursday we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day, a special day on which our forebears stopped their activities to give thanks to God for all that they had been given, especially the land and the produce from the land. Please join us to celebrate Thanksgiving Mass on Wednesday evening, November 25 at 7 PM at St. Cyprian and Thursday, November 26 at 9 AM at St. Celestine. CLICK HERE to reserve for those Masses.

We give thanks to the Lord for the many blessings that He has bestowed upon us. Thanksgiving is not an added extra. It is absolutely central to the life of a Christian. Without a spirit of thanksgiving our lives would be cold and lifeless. An attitude in which thankfulness has no part is likely to lead to pettiness, resentment, and cynicism. Thankfulness, on the other hand, preserves a correct relationship with God. If we’re thankful, God is necessarily part of our lives. God doesn’t need our thanks, but we need to thank God. It reminds us that everything we have, we owe to him.

It’s easy to be grateful to God for the good things that happen to us, but we must try to be grateful for all in our lives — the bad as well as the good, the sorrows and the joys, the failures and the successes. This is no easy task. We can truly call ourselves grateful people only when we can say thanks for everything that has brought us to this moment.

We need to give thanks to God everywhere and every time. Thanksgiving, when it is an attitude of life, becomes “thanks–living” — living in gratitude; living with a thankful heart. As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we have many things to be thankful for — for our life, our parents, our families and friends, our work, and our future life together.

Even though this is a difficult year with the pandemic, political situation, and chaos in our country, we thank God for giving us His grace and faith to strengthen us and help us to get through difficult moments.

We live in a land blessed with so much. We are equally blessed to be part of an active, thriving parish community. We have great cause to be thankful for the 50+ individuals employed as staff members, teachers, and support workers. We share in the blessing of so many selfless volunteers who consistently come to the aid of all of our parish events. We are grateful for so many people in our parish who continue to be generous with their financial support to help us during this difficult time.

We are grateful for the priests who help us celebrate the Eucharist – Fr. Brendan Guilfoil, Bishop Jeff Grob, Fr. Ron Navoy, Fr. Filbert Ngwila, our resident priests Fr. Stan Ilo and Fr. Kenneth Ekekwe, who live on our parish campus. We are also grateful for our deacons: Miguel Negron, Ron Pilarski, Mike Delarco, and Dennis Colgan who assist at the Eucharist and have served us in many different ministries.

As for me, I give thanks to God every day for the opportunity to be with you and to serve you as your pastor — to have the occasions to get to know you better — to be blessed by your many kindnesses and generous support. My life is richer for knowing you — and I count you among my blessings.

May God continue to bless you abundantly and may you always be conscious of the blessings you have received.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be safe and stay healthy!
Fr. Paul Cao
St. Mother Guerin Parish Pastor