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April 12 and 13, 2022

TAIZÉ PRAYER SERVICE AT ST. CYPRIAN ON TUESDAY OF HOLY WEEK – We journeyed with Christ on his way to our redemption on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 at St. Cyprian Church. The reflections of seven who met Jesus on the road to death (beautifully written by St Cyprian Pastor Emeritus, Fr. Gene) accompany prayerful Taizé chants.

LETEN REFLECTION AT ST. CELESTINE ON WEDNESDAY OF HOLY WEEK – LET ME WALK THIS JOURNEY WITH YOU – Our Lenten Reflection was presented and broadcast by Craig Kamptner, Director of Music Ministry for St. Mother Guerin Parish on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 at St. Celestine Church – How is your Lent going? Are you closer to Jesus since Ash Wednesday? – Watch the Lenten Reflection below!